Fall Guard

2015, Our Strongest Guard Yet!

The 2015 Marching Band Season, is proving to be a great season for the color guard, as year after year, we grow stronger and stronger as a group. We have a pretty wide spread this year in terms of age, but we are universal in our dedication to the program and to excellence. The 2015 Color Guard members are pushing themselves harder than ever before, and the effort is showing strong in their choreography and performances. Year 4 for the redeveloped guard program is quickly showing that the members of this program truly do believe in keeping our Legacy Alive, and that with Hardwork, Dedication, and a little fun, we can achieve anything!

Growing Stronger Every Year!

     This year, the Fall Guard has grown once again hitting over 30 members! Last year, the addition of a new Color Guard Director, and new perspective to the program has truly paid off as the Pendleton Color Guard program is pushing forward at an amazing pace. We find ourselves this year with a young guard program consisting of no seniors, and a fair number of middle school students. With this new found growth, the fall guard will have the ability to really entertain out on the field, with far more possibilities that only higher numbers allow.


     Orange, Blue, Green, and Pink! OH MY! That's right, this fall the color scheme is going to electrify the field with color at every step and turn. Inspired by the previous winter season, once the show theme was created for the 2013 fall season, it was easy to see how the flags from the Varsity Team fit into the concept so well.

     When you see the flags, the first thing you'll notice is that on every flag there is a "corner" design that is a different color, ranging from black to white with shades of gray in between. For this show, they symbolize Pipes of different colors cutting through the flag.

     Taking the concept of Pipes to the uniforms, this year we will see the color guard wearing black body suits, cover in neon "Pipes" going all different directions, and even coming out of the uniforms! What does that mean? you may ask, you'll just have to come watch a performance to see for yourself.