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Guard Classes

Middle School

The Middle School Guard Classes are split up into two separate classes with one being specifically for 7th graders and the other for 8th graders and are open to anyone who is interested. In the 7th grade class, we start from the beggining as most students entering this class have no experience with color guard. The focus is on learning the basics in flag and dance skills. The 8th grade class will then expand upon the skills learned as 7th graders, and add in the learning of basic rifle skills. Both classes will be invited participate in the optional winter guard program, and also will have two performances, one at the Middle School Band Christmas Concert, and another in the spring.

High School

Guard classes at the High School level take on a different tone as they are no longer open to anyone, but instead are a requirement for anyone choosing to participate in the competitive guard program. At the high school level we take a strong focus on the intermediate and advanced guard and dance skills as we have two classes. The 6th hour guard class are for those students who are still at the intermediate level, and need more one on one training. On the rare occurance that a high school member did not take any of the middle school classes, they begin in the 6th hour class. The 7th hour guard class is for the most advanced guard students. In this class we focus not only on performance skills, but we begin to disect what it takes to write effective choreography, and what it takes to design an effective show. Both classes have numerous performaces through competitions both with the marching band and also with winter guard.

Color Guard

The Pendleton Heights Color Guard is a part of the Marching Arabians, and is composed of students 8th - 12th grade. These students practice after school and during breaks throughout the months of April - October. Competitons for this group begins in September, and they also participate in parades, and football game performances. This group is an extra curricular activity for 8th graders, and mandatory for anyone at the high school level who wishes to participate in winter guard and/or take the guard class during the school day.

Winter Guard

Middle School Cadet

The Middle School Cadet Guard is an auditioned extra curricular group who competes in the IHSCGA Cadet Class during the months of November - March. Students who join this group are either currently enrolled or have already taken a guard class at the middle school, however have not been invited to join the Junior Varsity Winter guard. Our Cadet guard has won numerous competitions in its existence including competiting in the State Divisional Finals every year!

Junior Varsity

The Junior Varsity Winter Guard is an auditioned extra curricular group who competes in the IHSCGA Regional A Class during the months of November - March. This group is comprised of middle school and high school students who have had at least one season experience in Color Guard. These students are still cultivating their skills and are not quite ready for the preassure of the varsity winter guard, but utilize their time in the junior varsity to get better. Our Junior Varsity team has recieved numerous gold ratings, and placed at many competitions. Even though competition isn't the focus of this group, we are quite proud of the students every year for their accomplishments.


The Varsity Winter Guard is an auditioned extra curricular group who competes in the IHSCGA A Class during the months of November - March and also competes in the WGI A Class through April. This group is what we consider our competition group, and throughout their existance has had 11 appearances at the IHSCGA State Finals, as well as winning numerous competitions throughout the season. Compiled of our best students, this program tackles the preassure of hard competition and year after year succeeds in all facets.