Color Guard

Fall Guard

     Being a member of the Marching Arabians Fall Guard is an exciting opportunity as well as a privilege. The honors, accolades and respect that the marching band has received across the country are a testament to all of the hard work and commitment that Pendleton Heights students have demonstrated throughout years. Marching band is about working together to achieve a high level of excellence.

     The Fall Guard consists of highly dedicated high school students as well as specially selected middle school students who add color to the field, marching with the Marching Arabians. It is during this season that new members are added, and there is a big focus on training the basics. Participating in fall guard takes dedication, as students who participate practice through out the summer and fall. High school students are also expected to take the year long Color Guard Class.

Winter Guard

     Winter Guard takes all the aspects of fall guard and sends them indoors to compete alone, in a gym, set to prerecorded music. Difficulty in choreography and show design increases, as by this point the students understand the basic skills of color guard. Artistry and pageantry become a bigger importance with the closer setting, as judges can see more than they could during the fall season.

     The Pendleton Heights Winter Guard program has a rich history filled with success including being the 2002 IHSCGA State Champions. From the late 1990s through 2004, the Pendleton Heights Winter Guard program was a consistent State Finals Participant. Taking a brief leave from the activity, for the past few years the winter guard program has been pushing forward to reestablish the success of our past.


     The Varsity Winter Guard consists of the best of the best in the Pendleton Heights Guard Program. These students compete in the scholastic A class in the IHSCGA circuit. Show design and choreography are a big focus for this group, as members have mastered the basics, and are ready for the higher level skills. Members of this group are expected to possess professionalism at all times, and are looked to as leaders for the Junior Varsity, and Middle School groups.

Junior Varsity:

     The Junior Varsity Guard consists of members of the Pendleton Heights Guard Program who are eager to learn, but are not quite ready for the rigourous challenge of the Varsity team. These students compete in the scholastic AA class in the IHSCGA circuit. Show design and choreography play a background role, as perfecting the basics, and learning weapon skills are the bigger focus. Success is always the goal, but with the JV team success is measured by personal growth, over placement at competitions.

Middle School

     The Pendleton Heights Middle School Guard program is the backbone to the Pendleton Guard Program. Its here where brand new students begin their journey into guard. During the fall months, the students dive into the very beginnings of both color guard and dance. This time is used to get the students comfortable with using the equipment, and to get them comfortable moving their bodies, as most students join this program with no prior background in either.

     Once November hits, the Middle School Guard program switches gears and begins to learn their very own Winter Guard show. The students compete in the scholastic Cadet Class in the IHSCGA Circuit. This class is comprised of only middle school groups from across Indiana, and allows the students to get a first look at what performing in front of a crowd feels like. The focus for these students is always having fun, but also on learning the basic skills of spinning, dancing, and professionalism.