Middle School Guard

2017 Winter Guard Information!

Winter Guard season has arrived, and I know many of your students have already brought home lots of information about it. However, if they haven't, or they've lost it, all information can be found on the Winter Guard page, in the forms section. This year all middle school students, who didn't participate in the Marching season, will be a part of the JV winter guard. So when you are taking a look at the schedule, please be aware that they only need to be at the rehearsals marked JV. This is typically Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and these rehearsals will be held at the high school. Rehearsals begin November 12th for varsity, and November 15th for JV!

Home Made Flag Information

At the "Meet the Teachers" event, several of you who attended showed intrest in making a flag for your student to have at home to practice. So that this information could be had by all, I have put together a short list of materials you will need, along with a short explanation of how to prepare the flag.

Materials Needed: 1" Diameter PVC Pipe, 6' long , Two rubber crutch tips to cover the ends of the pole, 1 3" long carriage bolt, 1 1.5" long carriage bolt, 1 roll of electrical tape, Poly China Fabric of any color or design.

Intructions: The flag will need to be 3' wide, 4.5' long when completed. Before completed, fabric should be cut 3' wide, and 4'10" long. Hem all edges. Then to create the "sleeve" for the flag, fold over one end onto itself about 2" and stich down the entire width at least twice, the stronger the better as this part of the flag takes the most stress while spinning.

Now that the Flag is made put flag onto the pole, use the electrical tape to tape flag to pole. The flag should be half an inch from the top of the pole to allow it to be taped to the pole up top. Once flag is taped, place 3" long bolt into 1 crutch tip, and tape the crutch tip to the end of pole where flag is taped (Top of flag), Place 1.5" bolt into other crutch tip and tape at bottom of flag. Flag is now complete.

Middle School Guard Class Has Arrived!

The 2015 - 2016 School year, marks the first year for the Middle School Color Guard Class to be offered at the High School, in the New Pendleton Heights Color Guard Program. This is an exciting time for the guard program, as having the Middle School class will allow for the program to grow even faster than it already is! This class will be a great start for all kids who are interested in learning more about color guard, as well as create a better opportunity for our Middle School Winter Guard to achieve success.

Winter Season 2015!

Winter season has begun and the webpage is up and going!. Last year I relied heavily on the Facebook page to get information out to parents and students. Now that we have our own webpage the plan is to utilize this page. In the main section here you will find updates on the season, details on contests, special events, etc. In the right column you'll find copies of all the handouts, our rehearsal schedule, show music, and a live feed of our Facebook page. The Facebook page will still be used for reminders, and for posting fun videos so please still utilize that page as well. Make sure to check back regularly to keep up with all things winter guard!

Year 3 for the Pendleton Heights Middle School Winter Guard

In its third year of existance, the Middle School Winter Guard will be performing in the IHSCGA Cadet Class. This class is specifically created for middle school guards around the state to compete. PHMS will be traveling to compete in four different competitions, around the state. If you didn't recieve a copy of the full season schedule or the information handout, just click the links located in the right column, under forms.

Got Questions?

There have been a few parents out there who have been trying to get some more information about the program. Well right here is where you can find all that information you need. But sometimes, there are just some questions that can only be answered by asking the director directly. If you find yourself with questions please feel free to contact the guard director, Justin Surface. Click the button below to send him an e-mail.