Pendleton Heights Middle School
Upcoming Events

Beginners Band Begins

August 29th


Welcome To The Band Party

September 9th, TBA

Browns Pool

Parent Teacher Conferences

September 15th, 3:00pm - 7:00pm


8th Grade Night Football Game

August 16th, 6:30pm - 9:00pm


Beginners Band Informance

September 29th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm


Beginners Band Bus Assignments

For those 6th graders who have joined beginners band, and plan to ride the bus to the middle school in the morning, please make sure to check the list linked below to verify which bus number you will be riding every morning. Also on this list you will find the bus driver's name and phone number in case you need to contact them.

Band & Guard Handbooks & Other Information

For the second year in a row, in an effort to conserve paper, and to better streamline the process of obtaining parental signatures on important forms, the Middle School Band & Guard Department is moving to an online form system. Below you will find the handbook for the Middle School Band and Guard Programs, the Supply Lists for the Band and Percussion Classes, and the Policies and Procedures of the programs. Once you have read the documents, click the button below to be taken to the online signature form. Also below you will find a printable My Music Office information form if your student is not currently in the system, or if your information has changed; as well as the Instrument Contract online agreement form. Finally if you would like to volunteer to help out with our Band and Guard Events, you can print out the form below.

Beginners Band Handbook

Beginners Band Supply List

Advanced Band Handbook

Advanced Band Supply List

Color Guard Handbook

Percussion Supply List

Private Lesson Information

My Music Office Information Form

Instrument Contract Agreement Form

Uniform Order Form

Band Event Volunteer Form

Beginners Band Practice Records

All Beginner Band Students should be practicing a minimum of 5 days a week/25 minutes per practice session for a total of 125 minutes per week. A parent initial is required every week in order for your child to receive a credit for their practice time. We will check beginner practice records on Mondays for the previous week. Click the button for a printable practice record form. Good Luck & Happy Practicing!

You Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

Any questions? Mrs. Maloney is happy to help! The best way to get a hold of her is through e-mail. Please write her at . You can also reach her at 765--778-2139 ext. 5106. Responses will be given as soon as possible.

Welcome Letter



PHMS Band Links

Speed Note Reading Tutor

Online Music Theory Lessons

Online Metronome

Online Instrument Tuner

Music Racer

1st period: Beginner Band

2nd period: Symphonic Band

3rd period: Honors Band

4th period: Conference Period

5th period: Wind Ensemble @ the HS /                      Exploring Music @ MS

6th period: Exploring Music

7th period: Concert Band